Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280 Review


Be Quiet! has another awesome product for us to look at today, and it’s the Silent Loop 280 – a whisper-silent cooling device for those who want to heavily overclock their CPUs. It’s an essential piece to achieve heightened processing performance, or for cooling high-powered PC systems.

It seems to be a promising cooler that may be essential to your rig, but is it? Today, we’ll learn more about this product from Be Quiet! such as its features, specifications, how well it performs, and all other essential aspects of it.

But first, let’s take a look at what’s inside the box.

Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280 Review – What’s in the Box?

The Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280 comes in a sleek, classy, and premium-looking package that is thick enough to protect the cooler inside.

In front, you will find an image of the cooler itself, while the company’s name is on the upper-right corner of the box. Beneath the picture is the name of the unit and the words “Superior Cooling and Silence,” which describes the cooler entirely. Some necessary details and features are around the box, which is quite essential for people who need quick information about the cooler.

Inside, you will find the 28-millimeter radiator together with two Pure Wings 2 fans. A mounting kit is also available, as well as a full tube of thermal paste. The Pure Wings 2 fans are included as a basic element for this Silent Loop 280 cooler. It features PWM speed-control functions and even a maximum RPM of 2,000.

The Product

Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280 Review

The Silent Loop 280 from Be Quiet! is a cooling solution for desktop computers. We have the 280 kit with us, and it is a self-contained [AIO] CPU unit based on liquid cooling.

What’s good about the Silent Loop 280 is you don’t have to bother much with the installation process and maintenance. It is because Be Quiet! designed the Silent Loop 280 with a pump & radiator ship that’s pressure-tested, filled, then sealed straight from the factory, providing you with operations that will be maintenance-free for years.

This ease-of-use and convenience extend to its support of the newest AMD and Intel sockets, which include the Intel LGA 1155 | 1156 | 2011, and the AMD FM2 sockets. The Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280 has an integrated high-density water micro-channel, as well as copper nickel-plated mirror finish blocks to provide adequate thermal conduct together with Aluminum fins. It is to maximize the cooling performance of the Silent Loop 280. For fan replacements, these are available along with the basic integrated mounting holes.

The Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280 utilizes a reverse-flow pump that delivers inaudible operation without any vibrating noises. If you try sitting close to the Silent Loop 280, you’ll still hear faint sounds of pumping, but it’s barely noticeable when you aren’t near.

It’s also interesting that Be Quiet! bundled their AIO kit with the Pure Wings 2 PWM-based fans, and not only that, but a three-year warranty will also support the coolers.

The Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280, including the fan, measures 319 x 144 x 55 millimeters (H x W x D) and has a maximum power capacity (W TDP) of 400. Its reverse flow pump has a speed of 2,200 and uses a 3-pin pump connector.

The material used for the radiator is copper and has a black-spray paint finish to give it a classy and premium look to it. For its base, the material used is copper, while the finish is of dark nickel-plated.

Two of the Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280’s fans are 140 x 140 x 25 millimeters with a noise level (dBA) of 25% | 50% | 100% RPM: 16.1 | 24.1 | 37.3. Its speed at 100% PWM is 1,600 RPM while its airflow at 12-Volts (cm | m3/h is 94.2 / 160. For the air pressure at 12-Volts (mm | H20) is 1.82.

The Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280 has a rifle bearing type and a 4-pole fan motor for its motor technology. It makes use of a 4-pin PWM connector and has a lifespan (h | 25-degrees Celsius) of 80,000.

Product Features

Completely Silent Operation

The Silent Loop 280 features a decoupled reverse-flow pump that allows for less-vibration and low-noise during operation. With the reverse-flow technology, the pump draws the liquid coolant from an outer cavity of another pump across the base plate. After that, it releases the warmed liquid coolant through a second level.

Pure Wings 2 PWM Fans

Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280 comes with three Pure Wings 2 PWM fans that have a lot of options for optimization to achieve noise-free airflow. Its unique fan blades are airflow-optimized to eliminate fan turbulence that generates noise. The PWM speed control function provides the ideal balance between efficient cooling and silent operation. Another feature is the high-quality rifle bearing technology to lengthen the lifespan of the fans by up to 80,000 hours.

Additionally, the unique design of the fan blades provides increased air pressure, making it the perfect tool to work with the radiator of Silent Loop 280.

Excellent Cooling Performance

The Silent Loop 280 features a full copper radiator that enhances heat transfer to maximize its cooling performance. The cold plate has nickel plating to allow the use of heat-conducting metallic paste for better heat transfer. As a result, the cooler provides enhanced cooling efficiency. With its high TDP rating, Silent Loop 280 supports demanding systems and heavily overclocked CPUs.

Highly Compatible and Convenient

You don’t have to worry about routing supply lines since the tubes are flexible and protected against bending and pinching. The small heat exchanger has a design that supports the complete use of all RAM slots. For the refill ports, these promote noise-free operation while extending the lifespan of the Silent Loop 280. Its radiator mounting is also compatible with most chassis designs.

Unmatched Service and Support

The Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280 comes with a manufacturer’s 3-year warranty. If you need quick support or assistance, you can contact Be Quiet! ‘s international hotline that is available from Mondays to Fridays.


Using the Product

Once we got hold of our Silent Loop 280, we immediately put it to the test to see how well it performs. First, it was able to effectively decimate the CPU’s heat, allowing us to clock some of the lowest temperatures ever. Some of these were just at 2-degrees Celsius on idle, while 21-degrees Celsius for the load. These results are what we were expecting to receive, given the size of the Silent loop 280.

While overclocked, the Silent Loop 280 performed great as we expected it to. At 42-degrees Celsius, the cooler did a great job of providing a stable performance while simultaneously overclocking. With this, we’d allow it to run our system at this level, anytime and without concern. It’s technically on par with a lot of the high-quality coolers around, and we find this highly impressive.

At stock temperature, the cooler was as silent as the high-end coolers that we have today. Plus, it was one of the quietest coolers around while overclocking. We were only able to hear the Silent Loop 280 when we stuck our ear next to the product. No water bubbling noises were evident even when the fans were working hard for cooling. We attempted to test the Silent Loop 280’s fans on turbo, and even with this setup it was still silent.

Overall, the Be Quiet! Silent Loop 2890 performed excellently, and it was able to function just how it should – it provided proper cooling to our system. Just like its name, the product was almost silent, and the only time faint sounds could be heard was when we moved close to the Silent Loop 280.

With that, we’re giving it two thumbs up, and we’d highly recommend this cooler to everyone.


Be Quiet! may be experts in creating air cooling devices, but today, they have proven their abilities to the world with this water cooling product, Silent Loop 280. It delivered more than what we had expected, that’s why we were not disappointed. Its cooling performance was excellent, making it a highly capable cooler. Without overclocking, the temperatures it gave for the CPUs were impressively low. Although it did not match the performance of the competitors’ AIO coolers while overclocked, the Silent Loop 280 managed to keep the temperatures low enough for long term operation.

Aside from superior performance, its construction is robust, durable, and has a good weight. As the company claimed, its tubing is flexible yet durable and protected. The screw mounts on the pump and radiator ends are of top-quality as well. For the fans, these also performed excellently, as expected from Pure Wings 2. What impressed us the most is the pump and its design since it made very little noise.

While the installation process takes a little more time compared to other coolers on the market, we have no complaints about this. All of its screws would match the aesthetic of any system once you finish installing it, and everything is better once you start operating your system.

This cooler is another impressive variant from Be Quiet! ‘s Silent Loop series. Although pricey, it’s worth the purchase since it’s a top-performing device that uses materials that are of premium quality. With that, we highly recommend the Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280.

Where to Buy

If you want to purchase the Be Quiet! Silent Loop 280, check out the store locator on the company’s official website. Select from online shops, retailers, and distributors that may be offering this product in your country.