Audioengine A2+ Wireless Speakers Review


A lot of companies today roll out new products as fast as they can, but Audioengine takes their time when it comes to this. The wireless versions of their speakers don’t usually appear for years after the wired ones, but luckily, their A2+ wireless speakers were worth the wait.

Audioengine is well known when it comes to audio, and they are the creators of the A2+ Wireless speakers. They’ve been around since the year 2005, and produce an array of high-quality speakers that provide excellent sound at affordable prices.

These speakers come with high-fidelity stereo sounds that link to your music from any device or application in seconds. So this can surely become your best mini Bluetooth home music system that’s great for your desktop or any other small spaces.

Sounds like something you’d need? Well, you’re in for a treat because today, we’ll be focusing on this specific product. We will see what it’s all about, what its specifications and features are, and if it’s something that performs adequately for your needs.

Audioengine A2+ Wireless Speakers Review – What’s in the Box?

The company ships its A2+ wireless speakers in a small yet durable cardboard box that is also well-padded for added protection. But with the build quality of the A2+ wireless speakers, we didn’t need to worry much about them.

In front, there’s a full black strip at the top that displays the name of the product, while at the middle-left portion is an image of the speakers itself. To the right and slightly higher than the speakers, is a line that says “Join the computer audio [r]evolution” which is the tagline for this specific product.

Below, you’ll see a yellow strip that states “Premium Powered Desktop Speakers” which describes what the A2+ wireless speakers are.

Inside, we saw our satin black A2+ wireless speakers, and the protective padding included in the box was helpful. What we liked is that the accessories and speakers were all kept in a neat and organized manner with the help of little pouches. We consider this highly necessary to prevent the speakers and other items from getting any unwanted scratches.

This bundle gets you quickly going since you’ll get a cable that’s necessary to link the active left speaker to the other one which is passive. For the quality of the wires, they were pretty good, but it would’ve been a whole lot better if the cable had a banana jack installed for easier assembly.

The Product

Audioengine A2+ Wireless Speakers Review

The design and build of the A2+ wireless speakers from Audioengine are just like their predecessors, meaning you can expect something compact, simple, and stylish. When it comes to the enclosure, this consists of high-quality MDF, and at the bottom of this, you will find a horizontal port.

The A2+ Wireless speakers feature a 2-¾ inch interwoven Kevlar woofer together with a ¾-inch silk dome tweeter. For its design, the speakers sport a sleek and straightforward appearance with rounded edges for better aesthetics; simultaneously, these also help reduce sonic vibrations.

The satin black A2+ wireless speakers that we have looked stunning, and it would look great with whatever theme you have on your desktop. For its controls, you will find the volume, input & output, as well as the amplifier on the back portion of the left speaker.

The rear panel consists of one 3.5 millimetre jack, a micro USB input, RCA input, one RCA output for linking the subwoofer, an aptX Bluetooth pairing key, the on / off switch, plus the volume adjusting knob. The volume control works individually from paired sound sources, so you’ll be able to have the speakers’ volume maxed out, and the general levels will sound low if your smartphone’s master volume decreases.

The separate volume control provides you with a chance to safeguard your speakers from sudden outbursts with another volume stage. Just keep in mind that single built-in volume control is still more efficient than any other.

aptX Bluetooth 

The aptX Bluetooth is what sets the A2+ wireless speakers apart from the company’s A2+. Audioengine didn’t settle for the regular type of Bluetooth that you’d find on other multimedia or PC speakers. Instead, they opted for a more advanced technology called the aptX by Qualcomm, which undoubtedly provides everyone with an outstanding Bluetooth experience.

The Qualcomm aptX audio allows CD-like wireless audio quality since it solves the issues of sending the maximum music bandwidth over Bluetooth. With the aptX, every music lover will get to enjoy wired quality sounds, wirelessly; so with this, you’ll be able to enjoy bright, crisp, and clean CD-like quality tunes wherever, whenever.

Product Features

Wireless that Works with Everything

The A2+ Wireless Speakers are fully versatile and work with every app, music source, and device that we threw at it. Whether you use Tidal, Spotify, Pandora, or any other app, the speakers will play your audio instantly. Despite the size, it can act as your ultimate wireless music system.

Custom Components

Audioengine manufactures and designs their vital components such as the woofers and tweeters. The components of the A2+ Wireless Speakers aren’t off-the-shelf parts, but instead, the company customized these to their specifications. These make for a highly efficient system requiring less power.

The A2+ Wireless Speakers contain silk tweeters, aramid fibre woofers, aptX Bluetooth, as well as integrated power amps wrapped in hand-crafted precision-tuned cabinets.

High-Quality Bluetooth Audio

The Bluetooth integrated into the A2+ Wireless Speakers features aptX coding. aptX is an advanced Bluetooth audio codec that delivers impressive sound quality. Even if your device doesn’t have aptX, you can still connect it to these speakers. The Bluetooth of the A2+ Wireless Speakers is backwards compatible with AAC and SBC codecs, which allows you to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Extended Wireless Range

Usually, the range of Bluetooth implementations are minimal and can only cover one room. However, Audioengine carefully tuned and managed the antenna and signal circuit to create a superior solution that can cover three times the range of ordinary Bluetooth. Even if the field is more extensive, the audio quality doesn’t change.

Simple and User-Friendly

Enjoy your music once you connect the A2+ Wireless Speakers to any of your devices. It’s simple and easy to use since you don’t need to do a network setup, enter a password, or push a button.

Small Speakers, Loud Sounds

The A2+ Wireless Speakers are small, but these come with great sound that is more powerful than you would expect. It delivers full and clear audio that will fill any room.

The Must-Have Desktop Experience

Unlike mass-produced products, the A2+ is designed and built with the goal of exceeds the expectations of value and performance. With that, these speakers become your desktop setup’s go-to system.



The A2+ Wireless speakers have a 2.0-powered multimedia desktop speaker system that uses a dual class-AB monolithic amplifier. For the power output of the A2+ Wireless Speakers, 60 Watts is its total peak power (15 Watts RMS / 30 Watts peak per channel) – AES.

It has 2.75-inch aramid fibre woofers plus ¾-inch silk dome tweeters; 3.5-millimeters stereo mini-jack, USB, RCA, and Bluetooth for inputs, plus RCA variable line outs for its output. Primary voltage of the A2+ wireless speakers is 100 – 240 Volts 50/60Hz auto-switching, and > 95dB for its SNR.

The speakers have < 0.05% THD + N at all power settings, crosstalks of < 50dB, a frequency response of 65Hz – 22kHz ± 2.0dB, and an input impedance of 10k ohms (unbalanced). Also, the A2+ wireless speakers can limit output currents, thermal over-temperatures, and has power on/off transient protection.


The speakers use a micro USB for its connector while the USB device class that it can use is the 1.1 type or higher. It has the CSR-8670 for the internal D/A converter, with an input bit depth of up to 16-bits (native) and an input sample rate of up to 48kHz (native).


The Bluetooth’s internal BT receiver is a CSR-8670, and its input depth is at 16-bit. It uses a Bluetooth 5.0 audio for its receiver type and supports aptX low latency, SBC, aptX, and AAC codecs. Typically, the Bluetooth’s wireless operation can range up to a hundred feet while its wireless latency is ~30ms. Bluetooth determines the input data rate automatically.

Measurement and Weight

Each speaker is 6 x 4 x 5.25 inches (H x W x D), yet each of these weighs differently: the left speaker weighs 1.6KG while the right one is at 1.4KG.

The operating temperature of the A2+ wireless speakers is 32 to 95-degrees Fahrenheit, while its non-operating temperature ranges from -4 to 113-degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it has a non-condensing relative humidity of 5 to 95%.

Using the Product

We didn’t pass up on testing the Audioengine A2+ wireless speakers to see how well it performs, and honestly? We are delighted with the results we got.

During the performance tests, we listened to an assortment of music and both the quality and output were excellent. The sounds when listening to rock music were fantastic and powerful, as well as playback of other music genres.

For the highs, this was also great, and the Audioengine A2+ wireless speakers produced a realistic effect no matter what type of music was playing. The result was something we much appreciated since listening to our favourite tunes with this kind of result makes things a whole lot better.

For a compact 2.0 computer speaker, the Audioengine A2+ wireless speakers’ bass response was impressive; and with how it sounds, you’ll know that this product is something created by experts. Generally, the A2+ wireless speakers are something suited for your desktop setup, but it’s also perfect for your bookshelf or as laptop speakers.

The bass has always been a challenging puzzle for developers and builders of small speakers. If you take a look at the Audioengine A2+, you’ll see that the company did an outstanding job with these. We were able to generate the right amount of bass, which let us articulate most of the sounds that are common in music.

Also, we think that the stereo image is nice and coherent, giving us a convincing representation of a full band spread between the A2+ speakers. This specific effect requires you to have great control over phasing, as well as an equalized frequency response.

For the sound signature, the A2+ wireless speakers’ is very well-balanced.  Overall, the A2+ wireless speakers from Audioengine performed flawlessly, so we give the speakers two thumbs-up for it.


Audioengine usually takes their time in before they release new products, but you can be sure that every device they create is worth the wait. The A2+ Wireless speakers prove this.

These speakers deliver rich frequency response; plus, these feature a subwoofer output, which is excellent if you want deep lows for your audio. Its design is classic, and it delivers high-quality and accurate full-stereo sound, which are some of the things that anyone would look for when buying speakers. Additionally, it features aptX Bluetooth, which makes everything much better.

Also, setting up the A2+ Wireless Speakers is easy. Compared to most speakers in its price range, the A2+ Wireless sound quality is better. We liked everything about the A2+ Wireless Speakers, and we would recommend this to anyone looking for high-quality ones.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Audioengine A2+ Wireless Speakers from the company’s official website.