ASUSTOR is one of the companies that has quickly developed into one of the biggest NAS vendors today. Aiming straight to the next generation of devices and NAS platforms, the company has just revealed their collection of Apollo Lake Platforms which includes their ASUSTOR AS6404T 4-BAY NAS.

The AS6404T is rigged with excellent features such as Intel’s Celeron 1.5 GHz quad core processor. ASUSTOR also claims that one of their features provides additional increase in the NAS device’s performance which makes it even better than previous devices.

Before we focus on the product itself, let’s take a better look at what’s inside the box of the ASUSTOR AS6404T 4-BAY NAS.

ASUSTOR AS6404T 4-BAY NAS Review – Whats in the Box?

When looking at the box of the AS6404T from ASUSTOR, you will see that it is a fairly huge box that features an image of the product itself; it also appears with what seems to be the AS-6104-T, its dual-core sibling – take note that there are no available drive-bay locks featured on the second image.

Inspect the box further and you will notice that the package also features a set of icons that inform you that the AS6404T is more than just a simple storage device – something that is quite common in most of the NAS devices available today. There are also three additional icons that tell if the AS6404T supports Linux, Mac OS – OSx10.6 onwards, and Windows; as for the box’s rear, it is filled with multilingual resumes of a couple of the product’s features. When you look at the box’s side, it exhibits a specification list specifically for the NAS which includes the mobile applications and the warranty information.

Now that we’ve shared the details about the AS6404T 4-BAY NAS’ packaging, we’re going to check out what is included in the box once you purchase the device: it includes the device itself, the power adapter, the necessary drive screens for both the 3.5-inch and the 2.5-inch drives.

The Product

ASUSTOR AS6404T 4-BAY NAS Review – All The Storage You Could Need!

The ASUSTOR AS6404T 4-BAY NAS has a width of 17 centimeters, a depth of 23 centimeters, plus a height of 18.6 centimeters which is considered as a standard measurement for NAS products. Compared to the business class networks or prosumers that are linked to storage systems, the AS6404T features an power supply brick instead of an internal power supply.

The AS6404T 4 BAY NAS features a design that is more focused on convenience as it features four easily accessible and prominent, vertically fixed disk rays that can readily be unlatched simply by pressing a button; once it is left slightly open, you can easily slide out its drive tray. Its drive bays can be set and locked which can be greatly helpful to prevent the disk from moving or getting misplaced. Additionally, the device also features ventilated disk trays for better airflow over the available hard drives.

Beneath the logo of ASUSTOR is the device’s power button that turns blue when the AS6404T NAS is switched on. It turns orange when on sleep mode but the power button starts blinking once it wakes from sleep; an additional LED strip is also present beneath the NAS’ power button and is considered as a system-indicator LED. Booting the device will make it flash green and will gradually glow steadily once the NAS is ready. A set of LED lights is also available at the top of every hard drive tray to determine the disk’s status: it turns green when the disk is idle, red when errors are found on the hard drive, and it flashes when data is being accessed.

The AS6404T 4-BAY NAS is made on a steel frame with a shell that conceals three portions of the system; a portion of its construction is made from SECC in gunmetal in the shade of grey. Behind the NAS device are adequate numbers of ports that somehow resemble a real computer than just a network storage device. This is because the AS6404T can function as a media center system; plus, you can also readily configure all of the connections available for maximum and better performance, load balancing, network redundancy, as well as diversified independent networks. Lastly, the device also features a 12-volt DC input for an external power brick, plus a Kingston lock that can be found on the bottom right portion of the NAS device.

As for the power supply, it is an external brick from Delta Electronics and the DPS 90-AB is a 12-volt power supply that has been specified up to a total of 7.5 A of current. This only means that the power supply can deliver a total of 90 Watts, and when it comes to its efficiency, it is rated as VI.

The AS6404T 4-BAY NAS is rigged with a 1.5 GHz quad core Intel Celeron processor and was built on the 14-nm process from ASUSTOR. The company claims that this feature provides the NAS device with 30% increase in the device’s performance compared to the previous generation of their products. They also included the HDMI 2.0 together with the 4K-60p support that comes right out of the box, giving the AS6404T a much smoother playback of 4K UHD content.

With some of the newest generation of USB technologies, the company has ensured to incorporate the AS6404T NAS with a USB-C connectivity which allows you to have more flexibility when it comes to both type-C and C ports that are present for external storages. Finally, they also updated the platform of their operating system for the AS6404T to the ADM 3.0.

Let’s talk more about the hardware specifications starting off with the Intel Celeron J-3455 that operates at 1.5 GHz with a burst that reaches up to 2.3 GHz. There is 8GB of DDR3L setup in the 2x  4G arrangement while the 4-drive bays support the 3.5-inch and the 2.5-inch SSD and HDD’s; the highest capacity is set at 48 TB, utilizing 10 TB drives in the RAID 0. For the device’s expansion, ASUSTOR ensured to equip its unit with 4 USB 3.0 ports. Network connectivity runs via the Gigabit Ethernet ports while the AV connectivity consists of the HDMI 2.0 and the SPDIF audio output.

Here is a list of the AS-6404-T’s features:

The Apollo-Lake Processor with Heightened Computing Capabilities

The AS6404T features the Intel Celeron sixth-generation Apollo Lake14-NM process, built quad core processor. It’s great that it features overclocking until 2.3 GHz and a comprehensive performance that is improved by thirty percent unlike the previous generations.

Improved GPU – Boosted Multimedia Power for Processing

The device features a built-in VP9 hardware transcoding, supporting HEVC, and the Intel HD graphics engine that somewhat boosts the image and multimedia processing performance of the device. This feature provides a superlative and smooth experience for everyone.

Fluid and Smooth 4K Performance

The AS6404T NAS features a built-in 8 GB dual channel DDR3L SO DIMM memory that allows you to have a notably fluid playback. Additionally, the support for combined diversified capacity memory expansion improves the arrangement flexibility.

USB Type C Ports for Better Connectivity

Aside from the USB Type-A 3.0 ports, the AS-63 / 64 series devices have included the two-way Type-C ports to allow the ASUSTOR AS6404T to easily link to new generation devices without any problem while also instantly finishing transfers of large multimedia data.

Wake On WAN or WOW Feature

WOW lets you enable all the services of the NAS device through the internet while simultaneously adding more flexibility for switching the device on / off, as well as data access. These types of wake functions lets you save more power, decreases the chances of getting hacked, extends the life of your device, and ensures the security of all data.

Improved Data Protection

ASUSTOR ensures that all of your data is protected by providing a variety of RAID Volume options that will allow your data to have varying levels of protection right when these are stored on the AS6404T device.

Green-Energy Efficiency with Apollo-Lake Processor

The company’s management and power-saving function lets you plan your power-control schedule. This specific function of the AS6404T NAS can greatly aid in saving huge amounts of power while simultaneously extending the life of your hard disk.

Inclusive Backup Solution

With the My Archive exclusive cold backup technology, it will easily turn the ASUSTOR AS6404T into a removable storage archive: just insert the My Archive hard disk right in the NAS device to gain easy access, share terabytes and backup of data.

Virtual Machine Features

With this feature, it is possible to turn the AS6404T into a computer that features extensive energy efficiency and availability 24/7. You will be able to utilize the Virtual-Box to install various kinds of OS’ to the NAS device to establish virtual machines. After you’ve created a virtual machine, the NAS can function as your company’s backup computer so that the IT staff can readily maximize resources while also achieving optimal efficiency.

App Central

To make things more convenient for you, you can easily browse then download any type of application based on your needs and requisites from the App Central.

Mobile Applications

The company’s exclusive technology called Cloud Connect lets you link your AS6404T anytime and anywhere with just your mobile device. Share and access your files instantly with this highly efficient feature.

HDMI 2.0 + 4K  / UHD Output

This feature of the NAS device provides crystal clear and crisp quality output; the AS63 / 64series supports newer generation HDMI 2.0 devices, featuring up to a total of 60 / 50P 4K resolution videos that offer better fluidity. Combined with the included 2 GB / 8 GB dual-channel memory, it lets you playback 4k / UHD with notable smoothness and quality. It doesn’t matter if you have a collection of Blu-ray quality movies or videos recorded with professional cameras since the ASUSTOR AS6404T NAS will perfectly display these with crystal-clear quality.

Inclusive Surveillance System

The ASUSTOR AS6404T 4-BAY NAS gives you excellent reliability for you, especially if you’re planning on setting up a surveillance system. There are four free camera channels that are being offered which make it a very cost-efficient solution for those with smaller surveillance demands. If you ever have higher surveillance demands, you can expand the number of camera channels up to thirty-six via camera licenses that can be purchased.

The AS6404T also features multi-layered protection to ensure utmost data security, plus the company’s first-class product warranty of three years.

Product Specifications



Max Supported Capacity

  • 48 TB

RAID Level

  • JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10, RAID 5, RAID 6

Interface Type

  • Serial ATA-600

Nominal Voltage

  • AC 120/230 V

Power Consumption

  • Operational 24 Watt

Power Consumption

  • Stand by 0.44 Watt

Processors Installed

  • 1 x Intel Celeron J3455 1.5 GHz

Number of Cores

  • Quad-Core

Network Storage Type

  • NAS server

ISCSI support

  • iSCSI


  • Ethernet 1000Base-T, HDMI output, SPDIF out, USB 3.0

Connector Type

  • RJ-45, Type A, Type C

Encryption Algorithm

  • 256-bit AES, SSL, TLS

Supported Devices / Modules

  • Qty 4

Built-in Devices

  • Status LCD

Remote Management Protocol


Network / Transport Protocol



  • 4K resolution support, Access Control List (ACL) support, POP3 e-mail server, SFTP client, SMS alert, SNMP support, SNMP trap, Syslog support, Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) support, UPnP Media Server, VLAN support, VPN Server, Apple AirPlay, VPN support, anti-virus protection, cloud backup, e-mail server, firewall protection, firmware upgradable, hardware encryption, iTunes server, load balancing, surveillance station, BitTorrent Client, wake on LAN (WOL), Dropbox support, E-mail alert, IPv4 support, IPv6 support, Jumbo Frames support, Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)


  • Installed Size 8 GB
  • Max Supported Size 8 GB
  • Features dual channel memory architecture Technology DDR3L SDRAM


The AS6404T NAS is flexible and easy to configure in terms of the HDD’s capabilities; not only that, but we were also able to reach the transfer speed through a full single duplex Gigabit Ethernet connection. Generally, the Ethernet will occasionally bring in a couple of performance or lagging concerns through a network connection. We really liked the outcome and the NAS device is generally fast for all activities.

The AS6404T didn’t run into any issues on performance, and it also has a lot of spare performance because of the smart memory management. We felt that the ADM and GUI OS were generally fast and responsive, plus we also appreciated the updates made for the new ADM 3.0; moreover, the utilization of the processor also makes your apps adequately fast.

In regards to file transfer performance the AS6404T did a fantastic job. Transferring a file to the NAS saw speeds of around 98.3MBs while transferring a file from the NAS returned speeds of 92.5MBs. Playback of a full HD video file streamed at 85.1MBs.

How to Use

The method of arranging the ASUSTOR AS6404T 4-BAY NAS for the first time is generally easy and there isn’t really any need for high technical knowledge; if you’ve already set up something similar in the past, this procedure will come out as very standard. To start setting up the NAS device, you will need to point the browser to your NAS’ LAN IP address; after this, you will need to go through a wizard that’s quite simple then the operating system will start updating simultaneously with any other setting that comes to mind. However, if you haven’t really utilized a network-attached storage system, it wouldn’t come off as a problem since going through the whole setup process is a breeze.

ASUSTOR also made sure that all your settings and data can readily and seamlessly be migrated to the next system: all you need to do on this part would be to plug the disks in a similar manner as your previous NAS then everything will be ready and done. After setting up the NAS device, you will reach the login page and here, you will need to enter your password and username to get redirected to the main page; you can also choose to stay signed in so you won’t really have to bother signing in each time you access the page. The site’s interface is based on ASUSTOR’s built-in Linux-based OS which is referred to as the ADM or the ASUSTOR Data Master. This is said to be one of the most modern operating systems for NAS devices to date.

As for the web interface’s visual appearance, ASUSTOR’s ADM does exhibit a contemporary and sleek appearance that is also simple – something that a lot of users prefer. Utilizing an advanced scripting method for the whole design allows this to have an appearance that is sleek, clean, and practical; plus, you can also easily drag the icons around, add your own items, as well as remove shortcuts just like your real desktop.


The ADM OS is considered as a continuously evolving and developing GUI that is easy to navigate, install, and is also noted for being feature-rich when it comes to adding on applications. After logging in for the first time, a welcome guide to the ADM will pop up on the page; the ADM 3.0 version features a fresher and cleaner appearance for the operating system. Though one thing that you should remember is that once you modify the file structure, you won’t get to return to the previous version after upgrading.

The main page for the ADM display the primary sections of the operating system and at the top portion of the main menu window, you will see three different icons namely the “Search”, “Tools”, and “Admin”. For the “Admin” drop down, there are five choices namely personal, restart, sleep, sign out, and power off. If you’re wondering what the personal section is, this is where you can set up your e-mail address, account password, ADM language, and your description. The search icon takes you to the Searchlight which is the company’s own tool for searching; this is primarily designed for making precise and fast searches for data stored on the AS6404T. To the left of the search icon, you will find the tools icon; it drops down a couple of widgets that displays numerous AS6404T NAS functions for easier and seamless monitoring.  With the ADM 3.0, you can individually and easily tailor all your needs such as the ability to monitor the system’s status in real time without really having to login or open the application.

Just like with every other NAS device available, the disk management, volume creation, and RAID of the ASUSTOR AS6404T 4-BAY NAS are considered as the heart of the device. The Storage Manager handles all the disk-related tasks and its enhancement with the ADM 3.0 gives you a list-type interface, as well as an additional overview portion. Furthermore, the ADM also gives the NAS device a comprehensive collection of backup options: all data can be easily backed up remotely, to the cloud, externally, or through FTP. As for the File Explorer, you can easily play music and browse photos directly from the device; plus, it also supports video playback files simultaneously during searches.

The App Support has continuously been the ADM’s strongest and most notable points. App Central is considered as the control center for managing apps since it features installed applications, updates, and all of the available apps. After checking the App Central, we’ve taken note of more than 245 apps available and counting. The newest feature for the ADM 3.0 is the App Central’s upgrade prompts: if there are any items that require upgrades, the App Central can now determine which these items are instead of just waiting for a complete upgrade of the ADM.  As for its Activity Monitor, this has also been improved with the new interface and it also supports real-time control of the NAS resources and system.

For the help page of the ADM, it features five different links to numerous parts of the official ASUSTOR website; here, you will be able to find advice and help if ever you have issues with the AS-6404-T. Clicking on the Forum button will take you to the company’s online forum while Downloads is known as their direct link to the page for downloads. A very useful addition would be Compatibility which redirects you to the company’s Compatibility page – a very convenient spot where you can find a collection of compatibility tables for hardware. There is another useful link present on the page and this is the ASUSTOR College – an area where you can find online easy-to-follow courses to learn all about the functions and aspects of the NAS device. The last link will redirect you to the ASUSTOR Online Support Center.


System Updates

Access Control

Activity Monitor

Backup and Restore

External Devices

File Explorer


Storage Manager

My Archive

My Archive is a smart backup solution that allows you to utilize hard drives as removable ones; this is to allow the process of exchanging between numerous groups of data whenever necessary. This has just been upgraded recently and now, it supports NTFS, HFS+, as well as EX4 file systems. Since data security is essential especially in offices, My Archive drives support the AES 256bit encryption. The AS6404T NAS device offers up to three bays reserved for My Archive disks.


If you plan to browse the internet or play videos, you won’t really have to switch your computers on with ASUSTOR Portal; instead, you can just connect your NAS device to any display that is HDMI-ready. This also comes with Netflix and Youtube and you can avail more streaming sites by loading the extra URL Pack. Support for various sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and more are brought by the URL Pack Social.


ASUSTOR just refreshed and improved their NAS products and they actually do this on a regular basis since it lets them bring in the latest and updated CPU technologies, as well as other advancements for hardware and a collection of NAS devices that range from home value units to the more powerful devices specifically made for the SMB market sector.

The ASUSTOR AS6404T is an upgrade to the company’s previous AS-6204-T and now features the Apollo Lake Celeron quad core J-3455 in replacement of the Celeron N-3150 which is something that we really appreciate from ASUSTOR. The latest version of the company’s ADM operating system enhances the best NAS operating system that is around. Just remember that once you update to the newest version of the operating system, you won’t be able to return to the previous version of the NAS device.

Another thing that we liked is that the interface has been revamped and now features a grouping function to allow you to group various applications together. Additionally, the ability to resize the application windows is another new feature that we liked since this makes it easier to read files with lengthy names. Desktop widgets are also present which can be really advantageous when it comes to monitoring the resource and health status of the AS6404T 4-BAY NAS; plus, it can also be user-defined so monitoring will be done dynamically and will be much easier since you won’t have to open any other apps.

A very powerful, efficient, and durable NAS that is easy to setup, the ASUSTOR AS6404T is well-suited for both office and home use; and with how excellent it performs, we definitely recommend this NAS device.

Where to Buy

You can pickup this awesome NAS for around $445USD. For more information head on over to the official Asustor website.