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5 Apps to Help Divorced Parents Take Care of Their Kids

Divorce proceedings rarely go smoothly. And when there is a child and parents need to communicate to solve the issues of his upbringing, the situation becomes even more complicated.

Fortunately, modern technology seeks to make life easier. For example, you can use different sites to facilitate your divorce proceedings, get all the necessary Utah divorce forms, and submit them easily. But as for your future life, here we have collected five apps that will help you and your ex-spouse manage all the issues regarding your joint kids.

Why Use Such Applications?

If you are faced with divorce proceedings, then you probably understand the pain of communicating with your ex. Of course, some are very lucky and they can peacefully resolve all issues. But as practice shows, there are many more warring parties. Therefore, if you and your ex-spouse have problems in your relationship, but you need to take care of the child, then such applications will be an excellent solution.

Through these online divorces apps, you can solve all the vital issues without personal meetings and even phone conversations. What is more, some of the applications simply will not allow you to roughly communicate with each other. Let’s look at the 5 most popular ones that will make your communication with your ex-wife or husband simple.

Our Family Wizard

This application is intended for parents who are divorced and cannot independently organize a schedule for communicating with children and resolve other issues. So, it allows:

  • creating a schedule for children and their daily lives,
  • tracking all meetings, expenses, medical information, the size of the child’s clothes and shoes (so as not to ask the ex-spouse again).

The application is equipped with a parenting calendar. There you can create any events and also determine the hours for communication with the child. But the most interesting feature is that each parent can send a request for changes in the schedule. Also, the parent can set a time limit for providing an answer to the changes.

There is also such a tool as a bulletin board. This is a kind of messenger where spouses can quickly communicate. When someone posts a message, the second will receive a notification. You can also print any of the messages if necessary.

Another interesting feature is that through this application, parents can communicate in an exceptionally calm language. In the case of the detection of vocal words, the application will not allow sending a message.

In general, this is a good application with which you can communicate with your ex and solve important questions about the child. Special functions do not allow rough communication inside this application, and also provide all the necessary information so as not to disturb him or her once again.


This is one more good application for spouses who cannot communicate in a normal language after a divorce. Here you can create a calendar, track expenses and communicate calmly and peacefully.

To use this application, each parent must pay $99 per year or 9.99 per month. In principle, this is not so much for those who cannot solve the problems peacefully, and each meeting is like a hell.

But we hasten to please you, you can try this application for free for 30 days. This is very convenient because so you will understand whether it is suitable for you to solve your issues or not.

By the way, you can add your children here. Thus, your child will participate in the planning of events and will be able to communicate with each of the parties in this way. Also, here you can add medical information, prescriptions and contacts of doctors.


Just check the divorce website of this app and you will understand that it aims to help spouses who are divorced as well. It is interesting that you can add your nanny as well as any family members to this calendar so that they always know where the child is.

What is more, there is the possibility of paying alimony for the spouse. That is, each of the spouses can create a request for payment or add the necessity to buy something for the child.

There is also a communication function between the participants in the application. Parents can share photos, videos, or any other posts. In other words, parents can share the daily activities of the common child.

As for the cost, it is exactly the same as in the previous application. In principle, one spouse can use the application, but to track costs, you need the participation of two.


This site was created in order to make it convenient to pay child support or benefits. As in previous applications, there is a calendar, but in most cases, spouses use this application to track questions regarding children.

In order for the application to work, it is absolutely not necessary that both spouses use it. Therefore, one spouse may not worry that the second will not want to use this application to track or receive payments.

This application can be configured with bank accounts or even PayPal. In general, this is a great application that allows you to control all child support and payments in his or her favor.

There is also a free version of the application. But in this case, it will not be possible to keep a history of payments and expenses. Also, if you want to use the calendar, you will have to purchase a paid subscription.


This application has slightly different goals, but can be really necessary for many spouses. And even those who have long been divorced. With this application, you can take a test for alcohol. After that, the results are uploaded to the cloud system and sent to legal, medical service providers.

This application is very relevant when one of the spouses has an alcohol addiction. In practice, passing such a test is a very time-consuming process. And with the help of this application, you can organize this process competently and make sure that your kid will be safe when communicating with his addicted parent.