10 of the Most Exciting Robotics Developments of the past Year

From cinema and television screens to perching next to us in workplaces to science fiction stories, and maybe soon even driving us home from work, robots have increasingly been advancing in our daily lives every year. Let’s look at 10 of the most exciting robotics developments in the past year.

Ubtech  Robotics Walker

As the first bipedal robot to hit the market, the Walker can be activated either by its touchscreen or voice. This automated robot can play music and dance, control your smart home, patrol the home, and help schedule your calendar.

Run ASIMO, Run

In October 2000, Honda debuted the famous Advanced Steps In Innovative Mobility Robot (ASIMO). This is the first robot designed both to work in a human environment and also to incorporate predicted movement control. This three inches four-foot robot’s claim to popularity was the improved technology that allowed it to climb stairs and even walk smoothly. This unique robot not only walks and runs but also turns, navigate uneven surfaces, climb the stairs, recognize faces, avoid obstacles, and map its environment.

ForwardX CX-1 Robotics Suitcases

In essence, this is a smart suitcase that has full features to take the effort out of carrying the luggage. Its powered wheels allow it to follow you automatically, track you, and even evade obstacles. It also comes with an anti-theft system where an alarm goes off on your smart wristband in case it goes past a certain distance.

Roomba the domestic robot

As the first ever popular domestic robot, Roomba allows every family to pretend that it lived alongside the space age Jetsons. Since it just turned ten years, the Roomba is arguably the first ever robot to enjoy a considerable degree of commercial success. For more information about these amazing robots, check out RobotsInMyHome.com.

Somnox Sleep Robot

With the Somnox Sleep Robot, the body pillow gets an upgrade. This robotic device mimics the feeling of sleeping next to another person by copying respiratory functions to comfort the insomniacs. The idea is to calm the anxious sleeper by providing them with a breathing pattern that helps them fall asleep quicker.


Sophia, the ongoing brainchild of Hong kongs Hanson Robotics is among the most impressive displays of smart empathetic artificial intelligence around. As a milestone in the humanoid robotics, Sophia’s hardware is powered by Google and can hold conversations with humans, including philosophizing, smart rhetoric, and even the occasional jokes. Although its commercial applications are not yet clear, it remains a truly stunning example of what technology can do.


Of all domestic assistant robots, Kuri seems to be the first in line for widespread adoption with preorders already starting to ship. Packed with full features, it can monitor your home and even answer questions. Fun and simple in design, it looks like it’s going to be the first Robot that will become a reality in every day’s life.

DNA Robot

Chemists William Sherman and Nadrian Seeman have successfully developed the first two-footed molecular robot that’s capable of bipedal motion. Each of its legs is made of two strands of DNA and measures around 10 nanometers long. Scientists have, therefore, welcomed it as an essential step in molecular gadgets or nanotechnology.

Aeolus Bot

The Aeolus Bot is believed to be bringing the robotics market closer than ever before to serious domestic applications. For instance, it’s capable of cleaning the house, vacuuming the floor, putting away the objects and guarding the home. Running on Alexa, it can also assist with shopping and help you organize your diary. Although it’s still on the prototype stage, the manufacturer is confident that a commercial model is just on Amazon.

The reproductive robot

While this robot isn’t reproductive as per se, it can produce a complete replica of itself. Built by Cornell University Researchers, the robot can’t do much but enthused scientists believe that its self-reproduction feature isn’t exclusive to the living organism. It can, therefore, be described as self- assembling robot.


These are just some of the most exciting robotics developments of the past year. With the year not yet over, we are likely to see more eye-catching developments in the robotics inventions. From the look of things, 2019 will be a milestone in the field of robotic development.