The video game livestream industry is a phenomenal force. According to a recent report by industry analysis firm SuperData Research, more people watch online gaming videos than HBO, Netflix, ESPN, and Hulu combined. While recorded gaming videos make up the bulk of this, live-streamed gaming content is a significant part of this success too, with hundreds of millions of people around the world tuning into live game broadcasts.

The strength of the market means that there are now many game livestream platforms trying to get your interest, but which one is the most worth it?

The Established Heavyweights

The two most established gaming live streaming platforms are Twitch and YouTube.

Twitch helped to popularize video game livestreaming in the first place, helping to build the industry as we know it. Twitch was purchased by online retailer Amazon for almost $1 billion back in 2014 and the streaming platform has since grown even bigger with Twitch getting as many viewers as cable news channels CNN and MSNBC. As a broadcaster, it is difficult to stand out on Twitch but as a viewer, there is a huge variety of gaming content on offer.

The other major player is YouTube and the gaming-focused platform YouTube Gaming. YouTube is the biggest video platform on the block and it gets one billion active users each month and many of these are steadily tuning into the platform’s livestreamed content having already tuned into recorded gaming videos. Its livestream business may not be as large as Twitch, but it is growing rapidly. In some countries Streaming Platforms are blocked and this can be easily overcomed by using NordVPN.

The Up and Comers

Twitch and YouTube are not the only game streaming platforms on the scene and there is a growing list of up and comers. One such platform is Microsoft’s Mixer which is a relatively fresh-faced platform having only been created in January 2016 before being purchased by Microsoft in August 2016. The platform’s selling point is that it is incredibly easy for viewers to interact with Mixer streamers, including adding sound effects to games and voting on what streamers do next.

The UK’s super live casino experience is another highly interactive experience because it offers such an entertaining twist on the traditional game livestreaming formula. Rather than just watching people play games such as blackjack and baccarat, viewers are able to actively participate, watching live croupiers and dealers spin roulette wheels and hand out cards, broadcast live in order to provide an authentic experience.

Another platform is BIGO Live which is a mobile-focused livestreaming platform that seems well-suited for streamers who want to play mobile games. BIGO Live broadcasters also film themselves cooking, singing, and giving fashion tutorials and this ease of being able to watch any sort of live content on the go could make it a serious competitor.

The video livestream industry is such a big deal that a 2016 report by Research and Markets suggested that it could be worth $70.05 billion by 2021. Many more gaming livestream platforms will emerge in the coming years and it will be interesting to see how they make an impact.

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