Ultimate Ears has been established as the leader of portable Bluetooth speakers in the market with their Boom line. This includes their Megaboom and Boom 2 speakers. Now, the company’s hitting the smart market space by adding voice control and Wi-Fi connectivity to their latest Blast family.

The Blast speakers from Ultimate Ears feel, look, and perform just like their Boom equivalents; the only difference is that the Blast speakers feature the Amazon Alexa voice control. Today, we’re going to focus on the biggest of the bunch, the Ultimate Ears Megablast which is the most powerful speaker that took on Alexa on the go.

Let’s take a look at what the device has in store for us, how well it performs, and if it’s something worth investing in.

Ultimate Ears Megablast Review – What’s in the Box?

The Ultimate Ears Megablast is packed in a nice colorful container that is made from plastic. It has a rectangular shape that is about the size of the speaker itself. There are a couple of details about the product written on the box, as well as an image of the speaker to give you an idea on how it looks.

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Once you open the box, you will immediately see the device itself. It is set between thick pieces of foam to keep the Megablast speakers safe while in transit. Other items included in the box are the charging cable, instructional manual, and the charging plug.

ultimate-ears-megablast-Photos-15 Ultimate Ears Megablast Review ultimate-ears-megablast-Photos-14 Ultimate Ears Megablast Review ultimate-ears-megablast-Photos-13 Ultimate Ears Megablast Review

The Product

Ultimate Ears Megablast Review

When looking at the top of the Megablast speakers, you will find a huge power button in the middle that features a LED indicator. A smaller Bluetooth pairing button is also present but with a smaller LED.

The bottom part of the speaker has a metallic D-Ring that is used for hanging the device when needed. A rubber door concealing the micro USB charging port is also present to keep the area safe from unnecessary damages. Compared to the Megaboom speakers also from Ultimate Ears, this speaker does not feature any wired audio connections which is really convenient.

When it comes to its design, the Ultimate Ears Megablast speakers appear similar to the company’s Megaboom speakers except for its slightly flatter ends; also, notice that the brand’s name is also prominently displayed for everyone to see.

ultimate-ears-megablast-Photos-16 Ultimate Ears Megablast Review ultimate-ears-megablast-Photos-01 Ultimate Ears Megablast Review ultimate-ears-megablast-Photos-17 Ultimate Ears Megablast Review ultimate-ears-megablast-Photos-02 Ultimate Ears Megablast Review ultimate-ears-megablast-Photos-03 Ultimate Ears Megablast Review ultimate-ears-megablast-Photos-04 Ultimate Ears Megablast Review ultimate-ears-megablast-Photos-05 Ultimate Ears Megablast Review ultimate-ears-megablast-Photos-06 Ultimate Ears Megablast Review

The company made sure to retain the same durable and rugged build quality that makes all Ultimate Ears speakers great for outdoor use. Another great thing about the device is that it’s also waterproof – IP67 rated -, allowing the device to readily survive being submerged in the pool or getting splashed with rain.

Aside from focusing on making the product portable and extremely durable, Ultimate Ears also gave enough effort to make the speaker more home-friendly because of its new role as a smart speaker. Generally, you will utilize the Megablast in a vertical position with the micro USB port area concealed.

When you plan on charging this, you’ll need to shift it upside down or to its side to be able to plug the device with the included wall adapter and cable.

You can also opt for the Power Up charging cable – a flat disc featuring a micro USB port located on its side and three additional charging points on the top. The Power Up cable also comes with the replacement D-Ring for the speaker with a recessed portion, as well as charging contacts for better charging when the Megablast is set on the cradle.

When it comes to the sounds, the speaker has a 93 dBC max sound level with a frequency range of 60 Hz to 20 kHz. There are two 55-millimeter active drivers, two 25-millimeter tweeters, as well as two 85-millimeter x 50-millimeter passive radiators.

It’s great that the speaker has hands-free controls because of the integrated Amazon Alexa which is really useful when you’re on the go or even when you’re at home. Megablast is generally a stand-alone device so it doesn’t need a Dot or Echo which is also pretty convenient.

Multiple microphones that feature beam-forming technology plus noise cancellation is also present for smoother far-field voice recognition and management experience.

The Megablast makes use of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to a total of 16 hours. As for its compatibility, the speaker requires a Wi-Fi router with 802.11 A, B, G, or N for first-time setups. The Audio Playback of the Megablast speaker is supported for Bluetooth devices with A2DP or Advanced Audio Distribution Profile.

For its wireless capabilities, the speaker can pair up to a total of 8 Bluetooth enabled source devices since it has a Bluetooth range of 150 feet (45 meters). The speaker also features a Wi-Fi range of 330 feet (100 meters).

Lastly, the Megablast speaker’s system requirements include good Wi-Fi network and compatible iOS or Android mobile device. The minimum OS requirements are Android 5.0 and iOS 10.2.

Product Features

The Ultimate Audio

The Ultimate Ears Megablast is a really efficient speaker that gives you loud, quality, and some of the best sounds. It blasts rich and powerful 360° sounds for you to enjoy and we really loved how deep and heart-pounding the bass was. Generally, this speaker will bring your music to life no matter where you go.

Absolute Voice Control

The Ultimate Ears Megablast comes with the integrated Amazon Alexa and connects directly to the cloud through Wi-Fi. With that, you can fully enjoy Alexa’s features, as well as voice-controlled music. Just say the word and your speaker will play songs from Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Deezer, and Tune-In; you can also control smart home devices and even check the weather with it.


The Megablast speaker from Ultimate Ears is highly durable and has a tough build; plus, it is absolutely waterproof which makes it even better. You can always have your music with you whenever you go – whether it’s a pool or an all-night party.

16-Hours of Battery Life

Aside from being portable, rugged, and durable, the Megablast also has a battery life that is good for 16 hours of use. You can enjoy your music for a whole day with just a single charge.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

This portable Megablast speaker offers Wi-Fi for you to enjoy more music wherever you go. You can also enable stable and fast. With that, you can also take calls without having to interrupt your music. Megablast is Bluetooth-enabled so you can enjoy music not only from your own device, but also others’ as well. Aside from that, it successfully registers requests to Alexa

Continues to get Smarter

Megablast makes use of over-the-air updates and gets better to improve the speaker’s performances all the time. This is why a lot of people have a great experience  with the Ultimate Ears Megablast.

Amazon Alexa

megablast-alexa Ultimate Ears Megablast Review

To be able to make the Megablast work, you’ll need to download the Ultimate Ears and Amazon Alexa applications which are both available for iOS and Android. When you open the Ultimate Ears app, just follow the provided instructions to properly connect the speaker to your Wi-Fi network then update the firmware.

Once done, it will prompt you to set up Alexa; after that, the Alexa application will let you control the voice settings of Ultimate Ears’ Megablast.

Now, you can activate the assistant just by saying Alexa then following up with a command. The speaker can readily perform most of the functions that Amazon Echo can: you can play your favorite tunes from Amazon, acquire reports, and even access a number of third-party features.

Additionally, you can manage a variety of smart entertainment and home devices such as your entire home theater if you use the Logitech Harmony Hub.

When it comes to setting up the speaker, it begins with the Ultimate Ears app but then shifts to the Alexa app to complete the entire process. This will let you sign in using your Amazon credentials.

The Ultimate Ears app provides you with a couple of details such as the speaker’s status while also letting you manage the Wi-Fi network that it is connected to. With the Alexa app, you will assign a variety of features to the Megablast speaker, as well as manage the services and information that Alexa can access.

This covers a wide range of things such as smart home control, making purchases on Amazon, track your weight on Fitbit, or even set alarms and timers. If you’re currently an Alexa user, the Megablast will pick up your current profile then will adopt the features and settings that have already been set.

Using the Product


megablast-specs Ultimate Ears Megablast Review



The Ultimate Ears Megablast is one powerful and efficient portable speaker that brings you solid performance and excellent features. Its rugged and well-built design, as well as the inclusion of Alexa voice controls makes the speaker even better compared to other similar products out in the market.

Because of its highly notable features and great performance, the speaker became part of the five-star Bluetooth speakers that is fun to use and excellent for listening.

It looks good, it sounds great, and is also very durable, the Megablast is the speaker for you if these are the features that you’re looking for, and we highly recommend this.

Where to Buy

You can pick up an Ultimate Ears Megablast for $379AUD from over at the Ultimate Ears website.

Ultimate Ears Megablast Review
4.6Overall Score

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